Karine Clément

Karine Clément is a full professor of Nutrition, Nutrition department, Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and at Sorbonne University in Paris. From 2011 to 2016, she was the director of the Center of Excellence ICAN Institute de CardiometAbolism and Nutrition, dedicated to innovative Care, Research and training in the field of Cardiology and metabolic diseases. Inside the Institute, KC’s team (INSERM/university team NutriOmics) is working on the pathophysiology of obesity addressing the altered inter-organ cross-talks in this complex disease using genetics and functional genomics approaches. She performed a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University, CA, USA where she acquired competencies in gene profiling approaches applied to complex diseases (1999-2000) and in 2001 she obtained a young INSERM “Avenir” team focused on the characterization of patterns of gene expression induced by environmental perturbations. KC’s INSERM/university research team (NutriOmics Nutrition and obesity Systemic approaches) has been involved in genetic and functional genomics aspects of human obesity. Her team is currently exploring the link between environment changes, immune systemic changes and functional modifications in the adipose tissue. KC contributed to more than 300 international publications, reviews and many international conferences in the field. She is a member and expert of several national and international scientific committees or science advisory boards in obesity and metabolism and contributes to several European Networks in genetics and functional genomics (Nugenob, Diogenes, Hepadip, ADAPT, FLIP, ePOS and recently coordinates METACARDIS a European program dedicated to the study of gut microbiota in cardiometabolic disorders www.metacardis.eu).