Evelyne Jouvin Marche

Evelyne Jouvin Marche, Ph. D, director of research at Inserm, has developed fundamental and translational research focused on the role of immune cells. Her scientific activity has been devoted to the determination of the phenotype and function of T lymphocytes under normal and pathological conditions. In particular, identification of new genes encoding T cell receptors (TCR) and establishment of the genetic map of the TRA / TRD locus. Then, she explored the genetic factors affecting the use of different genes encoding the TCR during T cell ontogeny to provide a unique numerical model of TCR diversity chains. In parallel, her data on the immune response of the liver in patients infected with hepatitis B or C viruses led to elucidate why the immune response was ineffective and did not allow to eradicate viruses, and highlighted that the activation of cells immune system contributed to liver damage. She has provided the basis of two patents currently licensed to two companies: ImmunID Technologies which offers a panel of innovative immune repertoire analyzes and GeNeuro, which develops immunotherapy using specific antibodies to endogenous retroviruses. Over the last decade, she has been fully engaged in research management functions at the national level, such as the role of Deputy Director of the multi-organization thematic institutes “Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease and Microbiology” which covers the emergence of new epidemics. pandemics, the evolution of antimicrobial resistance and the microbiota.