Organization of the distal gut in a mouse : mucus is labeled in green and bacteria are labeled in maroon, yellow, and red.
Credits: Kerwyn C Huang PhD, Stanford University




French-American Innovation Days are events organized by the Scientific Office of the Embassy of France in the United States. They are high-level events where researchers and companies
have the opportunity to exchange views on a specific technological issue, start co-operative activities and develop business transactions with a transatlantic perspective.
The goal of the program is to facilitate the development of innovation ties between France and America by bringing together scientists, companies and other interested stakeholders from both countries. 

The first occurrence of this event in Los Angeles is entitled “The Human Microbiome: Time for Effective Translation”.

Microbiome research has developed exponentially during the recent years and is moving from a descriptive state to one where causality is now tackled. On the other hand, almost every major
pharmaceutical or nutrition company, and a huge number of startup companies have invested this field. Altogether, this is a very appropriate timing for the Los Angeles FAID that aims at bringing together
scientists and companies and discussing effective translation.


Conference highlights

- Sessions with keynotes, and interactive panel discussions, featuring renowned scientists of the field as well as companies’ representatives.

- Poster sessions

- Pitch sessions by companies and start-ups

- The conference will offer extensive networking opportunities for identifying partners or collaborators

Download the full program in PDF format hereFAID 2018 Los Angeles program


The Office for Science and Technology (OST), a team of 24 staff members including professors, senior researchers and engineers located in the Embassy (Washington, DC) and 6 consular offices (Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Houston - Los Angeles - San Francisco) is dedicated to bilateral FR-US collaborations in Science and Technology.

The CNSI is an integrated research center whose mission is to create a collaborative, closely-integrated and strongly interacted environment that will foster innovation in nanosystems research and education and bring scientific and technological innovation into the economy and society.